10 Quotes from Enola Holmes

10 Important Quotes from Enola Holmes (2020):

  1. “You Don’t Know What It Is To Be Without Power.”
  2. “Look For What’s There, Not What You Want To Be There.”

8.”She Has No Gloves?”

  1. “Our Future Is Up To Us.”
  2. “You’re A Nincompoop.”
  3. “Paint Your Own Picture, Enola. Don’t Be Thrown Off By Other People.”
  4. “Oh, You’ve Plenty Of Time For The World. Let It Do Its Damage Later.”
  5. “Mother Said We Were Free To Do Anything At Ferndell … And Be Anyone.”
  6. “There Are Two Paths You Can Take, Enola: Yours, Or The Path Others Choose For You.”
  7. “It’s A World That Needs Changing.” (we can divide this content or put this all up at onece; pls tell me ur preference on this one thank u)

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