36TH Most Instagrammable Place in the world is Palawan

Do you want to take your Insta game up a notch? If you want to get as much likes as you want in one of the world’s most popular social media sites today, then pack your bags and fly to Palawan.  

Big 7 Travel—a global travel site, named Palawan as the 36th Most Instagrammable Place in the World surpassing other similarly beautiful destinations such as Berlin which currently sits at rank 45 and Cairo at the 50th place. 

Known for its picturesque landscapes and beautiful white-sand beaches, Palawan is surely a one-of-a-kind destination for foreign and local tourists. 

“Palawan is simply perfect,” Big 7 explained. 

Palawan topped other Asian cities such as Seoul, South Korea (at no. 41), Shanghai, China (at no. 40) and Osaka, Japan (at no. 38). 

Sydney bested among 50 countries at number 1, while Hongkong, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Lisbon, Bali, London and Jaipur finished in the Top 10 respectively.  

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