Bato responds to remarks of DJ Chacha: Baka ang alam lang niya ay magchacha

Bato responds to DJ Chacha: Baka ang alam lang niya ay mag chacha

Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa replied to the remarks made by radio personality Czarina Balba who said in a tweet on Tuesday that the senator should quit his position and instead apply as personal bodyguard of the President.

Balba who is better known as DJ Chacha made the remark following the reaffirmation of Dela Rosa of his loyalty to President Duterte when questioned about his position on how the influence of the President affect his vote on ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

Sen. Dela Rosa said in a text message to Philippine Daily Inquirer, “Sabihan mo si SJ Chacha baka ang alam niya lang ay magchacha (Tell DJ Chacha that maybe what she only knows is how to dance Chacha.”

Dela Rosa added, “Mali ba ang maging loyal sa isang duly elected President who is after the welfare of his people and who is willing to confront the oligarchs who have been bastardizing this country for so long?”

Dela Rosa urged DJ Chacha to respond saying, “Sabihan mo siya, I am willing to hear her answer.” He further added a question directed at DJ Chacha if his loyalty to the President is already an enough reason for him to resign.

Meanwhile, the expiration of the legislative franchise of ABS-CBN is due on March 30, yet the House of Representatives has still not acted upon the requests for the renewal of the franchise.

DJ Chacha is a radio personality working for ABS-CBN’s AM and FM stations. She has not yet responded to this issue.

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