Filipino ‘Tala’ dance craze goes international

The ‘Tala’ dance challenge is accepted by a group of Pinoy-Emiratis as they joined the dance craze creating an Arab version that quickly went viral on the internet. The dance craze has now officially reached the United Arab Emirates.

The Filipino Times reports that the four friends seen in the video said they enjoyed the dance challenge as much as Filipinos do. They refuse to be named but said they saw the challenge online.

Three of the Arab friends can be seen dancing in the video while the other one is taking the video. They uploaded their dance challenge online via a Facebook page named “Mga Arabong Pasaway.”

The group gave a twist to the dance challenge by shooting footages as soon as they wake up, in the grocery store, at the ice skating rink and even on the escalator. They said that they shot their videos in various places such as Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

“Plano naming gawin ‘yung sayaw na Tala pero nagbago [ang] isip namin at gusto namin ilagay [at gawing] nakakatawa at makapagpapasaya [kapag] papanoorin [yung] video kaya ganun [ang] ginawa po namin… Ginawa naming bago at nakakatawa ang idea para maiba yung sayaw na Tala,” one of the four Pinoy Emirati told The Filipino Times.

He added that they grew learning two cultures: Emirati from their father side and Filipino from their mother side. They also said that they wanted to embrace both cultures and enrich their Filipino roots despite spending most of their lives in the UAE.

Source: The Filipino Times

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