Government violated press freedom, says Rappler

Online news site Rappler seeks anew on the reversal of the coverage ban imposed by the government on the online news agency, further asserting that the ban is a violation of press freedom and is unconstitutional. 

They emphasized that the ban denied the agency of covering newsworthy events held in public venues which they believe “violates the Constitution’s promise of independence.”

The agency seek to shed light on this issue by revealing that the ban was misleading and an apparent violation of one of the fundamental democratic rights usch as the freedom of the press. 

It can be recalled that Duterte declared the coverage ban after tagging Rappler journalists as “purveyors of fake news.” 

Rappler clarified that the government doesn’t have the power to determine legitimate journalists under their right to self-regulate. 

“There is no law that confers the executive branch, through the International Press Center and Respondent Offices with the power to determine who are ‘legitimate’ members of the press,” Rappler released in a statement. 

Several journalists in the country join the Rappler call to end coverage ban by Duterte. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission repealed the agency’s incorporation papers in 2018 over accusations on foreign ownership but is still under review in the Court of Appeals. 

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