Christmas is not the only season that is around the corner.

‘Tis the season…Usapang senatoriables na. #Halalan2022.

Whale shark Harry vs Butiking Sal vs Zero Hunger Karlo. (Names as portrayed on social media 😈.)

Spox Harry was a lawyer and advocate. He used to appear on TV as an advocate for the likes of the murdered Laude. Today, he specializes in Harry-splaining Pduts. One of his famous lines to date is Kayo naman, apat na taon na siyang presidente parang hindi ‘nyo pa kilala si Presidente. Joke only. Bakit naman tayo maghuhugas ng gasolina. (But days later Pduts said he was and is serious. Gasoline is a disinfectant. Wohooo! Sorry Harry take one for the team.)

Spox Sal was a lawyer too. Prior to joining government as legal counsel and Presidential Spokesperson, he defended the best, the best criminals. Some of his clients were the Amputuans, Bong Revila and Mayor Sanchez. Spox Sal also did a stint of Sal-splaining for Pduts. His go to solution for a crisis is declaration of martial law. At the height of the illegal drug crises aka the beginning of Pduts term, he said that the crisis is enough ground for the President to declare martial law. Then again, during Covid’s peak, he said that the President could declare martial law as its spread is an invasion. Clearly, Pduts does not agree.

Spox Karlo was also a lawyer and a Congressman in Davao before he was appointed as Cabinet Secretary and spokesperson of the IATF. As a Congressman, he advocated for educational programs. Not many know, but he was responsible for the 40 billion pesos allocation for free education in state universities and colleges. During the early days of the pandemic his was a face and voice of comfort and reason. He is known for his line “when in doubt, stay home.”

‘Tis the season na…who has been naughty or nice? Can you tell? Ho ho ho #votewisely #isipisip

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