Thailand turns nCoV positive to negative with drug cocktail; not yet proven, explained WHO

The Thailand Health Ministry announced Monday that an nCoV positive patient from China which was injected of a cocktail of anti-virals tested negative of the virus after 48 hours, while the World Health Organization explained that it is yet to determine whether the combination is effective.

Doctor Kriengsak Attipornwanich said that the results showed nCoV negative after Thai doctors from Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok administered the combination, which is a mixture of anti-flu drug oseltamivir with lopinavir and ritonavir, anti-virals used to treat HIV.

The World Health Organization however on Monday said in a press briefing that it is yet to be proven whether this is an effective drug against the virus but they will be closely monitoring Thailand’s progress on developing a possible cure.

It added that the organization is committed to generate evidence and share it to member states once it is proven effective and made available.

Francisco Duque, Health Secretary of the Philippines also said that there is still “no hard science” that the patient recovered from the virus.

Thailand recorded 19 confirmed cases of nCoV, the second country with the most number of nCoV cases outside China.

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