Online mental health site in the Philippines offers cost-effective treatments

Mental health services can now be accessed online thanks to the first telemental health service in the country.

Mindcare Club, a network of mental health counselors and spaces in the Philippines is now offering mental health services to more Filipinos with the use of the internet. ­­

Video conferences and online chats are some of its features which would enable Filipinos who are in an immediate need for therapists.

Costs for consultations or therapies range from P800 to P2500 compared to that of therapists which stands at P3000 minimum.

One must first secure a slot and upon registration, a team of medical triage officers will assess your profile and refer you to the therapist that will address your concern.

When asked if far-flung areas can also access the online services, Brian Tenorio, CEO said,”Our system worked on thin internet. In fact, it’s the same system that NASA uses for telemedicine in the United States.”  

“This is great because most of us can access the internet hence, this site would reduce stigma,” Angielyn Antivo, 19 said.

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