What are the prices of alcohol, tobacco after Sin Tax Law?

The Republic Act 11467 was signed Thursday, which would increase the taxes of alcohol and e-cigarettes in the country.

An additional P35-P50 and P25-P45 sin tax will be added to alcohol and e-cigarettes respectively, this year.

“I remain confident that the law’s passage is a good step forward to discourage Filipinos, especially the youth, from taking up dangerous vices, thereby guiding them towards making healthier lifestyle choices,” said Senator Pia Cayetano in a statement on Wednesday.

At least P22 billion in revenues is expected with the higher sin tax law, 60% will be for the implementation of the Universal Healthcare Law which will offer various medical services such as free VAT-free medicines for cancer, diabetes and mental illnesses among others.

The following rates are based on the recent bicameral report:


  • Fermented alcohol (beer) – P35
  • Distilled spirits – P42, plus an ad valorem tax of 22%
  • Sparkling and still wine – P50


  • Heated tobacco products (pack of 20s) – P25
  • Salt Nicotine vapor product – P37
  • Freebase vapor product (vape) – P45

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