SANA ALL: Single No More

Valentines’ Day is fast approaching and because we know that you’re tired of dating apps or being #Single or joining ‘KapareWho’ crossed your mind, achieve #SanaAll with these tips on how to get your own partner for life, heart heart!

Know that dating apps on Facebook such as Neargroup, or Tinder are not as reliable as other means of dating. People, with the use of this mediated means of communication, tend to fake emotions or feelings by chasing those ‘thirsts’ for, well you know… But, meeting someone on social media is great but be cautious.

Meet people online

Obviously, social media is nowadays used as a tool for dating. “Hearting” posts of your crush, stalking and following him on different social media sites isn’t actually ‘meeting’ but it’s the first step. However, don’t be gullible on simple “Kumain ka na ba?” or “Iingat ka palagi” as these seem to be baits of those ‘thirsty’ boys (and girls) in luring their ‘possible targets’. The lack of manifestation on these constructs that can be observed in online chats will surely get you crying and broken, and eventually #Bitter, which leads us to the next tip.

Meet People in Person

Don’t just settle for online conversations, go beyond. Talk with them personally. There is no better way of knowing people more through actual conversations. Moreover, manifestation on this construct we call “love” can be observed through actual conversation.

Agree on ‘Operational Definition’

In psychology, constructs are not observable, and so, we need to have a definition for it to be measured. Psychology call it the ‘operational definition’. So, for y’all so eager to have ‘jowas’, if one said ‘I love you’ to you, don’t let your panty fall off that easy, instead you ask him, “what is your operational definition of love?” One need to be sure, and one need to see it in his/her own eyes, that that person is showing his true emotion to you. However, people are so great in hiding what they really feel, so when the signs are already obvious, then, why waste time? Confront him.

Don’t settle for less but be realistic

People are naturally flawed. I understand that we have ideal man or woman, but the fact that we call it ideal, should stand for itself. Ideal in a sense that it’s just what we expect him or her to be and technically, does not exist. Your ideal characteristics on a future partner may reflect on a specific person, but if you want him to be intelligent, it is possible that he’s just plain dumb therefore, may disappoint your ideals. Be always open for someone and be realistic. This doesn’t necessarily imply that one should settle for less, but one can lower one’s standards and deal with the realities of this world.

As Valentines’ Day draws near, we can give love and receive love from family, friends and even strangers. Since love can grow even in the most badass person, it is possible that you’ll be able to find someone that will make your heart contented and genuinely happy. The last tip— patience.

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