Sison urged Duterte to assert sovereignty vs Beijing

Exiled communist leader Jose Mario Sison said Saturday that pulling out from the Visiting Forces Agreement would be considered as “merely favoring Chinese imperialism and surrender of West Philippine Sea” if Duterte will not assert Manila’s sovereignty against China.

Sison did however added that the termination of the military pact would deserve the President commendation for being different from the other administrations in terms of patriotism but pointed out that “the problem is that the line of least resistance for him is to remain a puppet of imperialism and tyrant to his own people.”

He further urged Duterte to terminate all military agreements with US to save money spent on heavy military expenditures, and corruption.

Ex-envoy and former Philippine Ambassador to the America Jose Cuisia Jr. likewise said that the PH move will “embolden China even more” citing that even with the VFA, China was able to militarize 3 reefs in the West Philippine Sea.

The Philippines won the Hague ruling over West Philippine Sea but Duterte since 2016 has been making friendly stance to Beijing despite the aggressive reclamation of China to the near entirety of West Philippine Sea.

Duterte ordered the termination of VFA after US cancelled the visa of Senator Ronald Dela Rosa.

“We are the biggest loser here, not the US,” Cuisia Jr. said.

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