Who want visit in Philippines

Want to visit the Philippines? Here are the important things to consider before you go…

  1. You can stay in the Philippines for as long as you want
  2. Filipino people are incredibly polite
  3. Everyone in the Philippines speaks english
  4. It’s incredibly safe
  5. Drugs are strictly forbidden
  6. Ferries are weather dependent
  7. There are plenty of airports in the Philippines
  8. Filipinos love the NBA
  9. You’ll ride around in tricycles, not taxis
  10. Grab is the Uber of SE Asia
  11. It’s surprisingly difficult to buy tampons in the Philippines
  12. Restaurants offer free service water
  13. Most lotions are skin whitening
  14. Filipinos love to sing Karaoke
  15. You’ll eat a ton of pork belly

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